Please read carefully before booking 

All booking is online unless you experience complications or are otherwise unable to.

We are a small business located in the Thayer building on Hargrove road, park in the front. You should arrive NO more than 5 minutes early.There will be an intake form waiting for you on the table, please have a seat and complete it. 

Call if you are running late, because appointments exceeding 15minutes late with out a call are subject to being cancelled and charged, or assessed a rebooking fee.

Remember to adress any hygien issues, turn your phone on silent /vibrate, and tie your hair up if applicable.

Cancellations require 24hr notice. The therapist reserves the right to cancle the session at anytime do to innappropriet behavior.

Discounts can not be combined unless permitted

*Referrals -

(4 referrals come and your appointments free)

Punch card- 

(work towards a free massage, and receive up to $20 off of your following session)


( these savings are awesome click on the title to get a detailed breakdown) 

Last but not least your comfort is our first priority at A.H.T we want you to enjoy your session so at any time if you feel you want more or less preasure, or if anything is uncomfortable please tell  your therapist and you will be accommodated to the best of our ability! This is your time .... yes it is all about you!

We no longer offer Prenatal Massage!

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