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A Heavenly Touch Mobile & Spa

In Home Spa
Corporate Massage Events
A Happy and healthy employee is a productive employee. Let us help you increase employee retention and Morale. Our therapist will perform Chair or Table massage on site for your company.  Make it an employee benefit with a Corporate Membership, they will love you!
Relax.. Forget the drive , crowds, traffic, award check in and wait. No more getting rushed out or having to pay for an hour only to receive  a shortened 50 minutes. Let us bring the spa to you! Yes we bring it all 
Everything in life is replaceable except for your body. We take care of everything else and neglect the one thing that is truly irreplaceable. Not only does our memberships help you save money, and time, they also provide a health maintenance routine with superior therapists. 

Therapeutic Medical Massage
We treat clients with actual medical conditions, those requiring pain relief & muscular manipulation. Clients who receive our massage services as  treatment for  health conditions, your sessions may be covered by your health Insurance. Please contact us if you have HSA or FSA. If you have been in a vehicular accident. Veterans, those who have Private insurance that covers massage, and Carolina Access recipients may be covered as well.