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                                                                                          Mobile Memberships
Although we have not completely thrown out our old memberships. We have decided that with all of the uncertainties in the world today that we would introduce our new completely customized prepaid month to month Memberships. There is no written contract aside from the agreement of these terms upon purchase which you will sign to acknowledge you have received and understand these simple terms . 

                                                                      How to Join

You will make your selection from the listed options to create your customize  membership. Once your membership is created a link will be sent to you allowing you to activate the  membership. Start up cost includes first and last month payments, along with an annual membership fee of $35. You may request for your sessions to be pre-booked for you. You will receive your welcome gift along with a copy of your membership from your massage therapist at your first session!

*As we age we tend to attribute many of our aches and pains to life and getting older, but majority of those pains and even health conditions can be corrected through massage. Although our sessions are created to pamper our clients they also give a therapeutic combination to aid the body into healing its self naturally. Along with this most important benefit you also get the following:

*Up to 30% savings on all services and more on additional sessions within the month

*Roll over up to 3 unused sessions (may be gifted for free) 

*Gift up to 3 sessions at your member rate

*Birthday card and free upgrade

*Greater savings with each person added to your membership

*Prebooked sessions catered to your schedule

**Welcome Gift!

  Membership Benifits
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